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Help πŸ₯² My Monstera is not looking very happy! ☹️
Tell me more about your soil. What kind is it be how long has it been in there? How often do you water and how long have you had it and how long has it been in this condition?
@calvina thanks for your reply.
It has been like this for the last 3 weeks. I water 2/3 times a month. It is in regular multi purpose store bought soil 🫣
I just repotted mine and I did a mix of soil with some perlite, some bark, and a little bit of cactus potting mix because they like well-draining soil. Also… have you checked the roots? If it looks like this you need to repot it.
@TJphilobsessed thank you! I will look at getting better draining soil
@KakoJohnson πŸ™‚ anytime. You are part of my plant family. πŸ’šπŸŒ±
You’ve got a gorgeous Jade plant!!
Maybe try and give it more light? Mine was doing the exact same thing. I thought the lighting was sufficient until I added a grow light and the leaves started to harden up.
@TJphilobsessed thank you! yes, it’s pretty cool!
@Eryss Thank you! Im glad your monstera recovered well. Fingers crossed that will work for me too!
I’m sorry I was in vacay and delayed on my reply. I agree with both the soil and light suggestion. It looks pretty far from the window in this photo and in my experience, my monsteras perk up when they are less than 3 feet from the window. I also had a monstera that dropped terribly in the original soil it came in, once I repotted in some new soil, it started taking off like crazy. Monsteras are aroids and they LOVE chunky and well drained soil. If you have some potting soil laying around, add some more pumice or perlite (I prefer pumice) and orchid bark to it and it will improve it quite a bit. I like to make my own, so I use coco coir as a base and add orchid bark, pumice, worm castings to fertilize, and then some horticultural charcoal. My monsteras love it.
@calvina thank you very much for the suggestions!
I have now moved them closer to the window as in this picture. Over the next few days, I will make a better soil mix as per your recommendations and repot it this week.
Thank you for the tips
More light needed I think x
@Sade-Shaw thank you very much!

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