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Reverse osmosis water
A friend recommended something called reverse osmosis water to water my plants with, is reverse osmosis water a good water for my plants?
Yes that is the best to ensure you are using good clean water without any minerals or anything added. That or distilled water are both all I use.
@SirLiquorice thank you so much, some of my plants have sadly gotten sick
You can find machines outside some grocery stores and gas stations here and it’s .30 cents a gallon to refill jugs from those. Not sure about in other states. Just make sure it’s the reverse osmosis machine and not the one that adds minerals for taste.
@SirLiquorice there is a water store where I am
Its like .25 cents
For a refill
@SoigneChaya water is the most important part basically so it is best to avoid tap water if possible. You also need to insure you have good soil and the soil can vary depending on what type of plant and how old or big it is.
@SirLiquorice Thanks for the tips, I will use them and probably update on the status of my plants
yep it’s good :) it’s a little uncommon/pricey where i live so i use distilled water but it’s definitely a good option for your plants!
I have to work on spacing my plants
It’s what I use. I love it.

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