Posted 1M ago by @BentonLichen

White granules on the leaves?

Isaw these White granules on my chinese evergreen today.. should i be worried? What should i do? #Aglaonema
5ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
@BentonLichen I am not sure what this is but would try a q tip with alcohol dipped on it and rub this off your leaf. It could be mealy bugs but they are usually at the joint of the plants more so that the leafy part. I would watch closely and possibly quarantine this plant to be safe. If more on the plant treat with neem oil spray
Like @CourtlyKingfern said, you can use alcohol on a cotton swab, I agree it looks like mealy bugs. Mealy bugs go along the leaf spine, just like this. If it’s more than a cotton swab can handle, wipe the ones you can see and spray with an insecticide.
Thank you both! It turned out to be mutch more on the bottom and stems as well, so I've now removed all I could with alcohol, and sprayed down with some bio insecticide. Let's hope for the best 🀞🀞