Posted 2M ago by @Perkatory

Worms in my plant!!

Zion, my friendship plant has been on a slow decline for the last 2 months. I checked the bottom of the nursery pot to discover a worm peeking out of the bottom!! ā€” I did some research and let it be, but it rapidly declined. So, last night I reported and was terrified to discover about 10 worms in the soil! There were almost no roots! Can anyone help identify and shed some light on why/how this happened?! Thank you!!!
Last watered 2 months ago
@Perkatory worms do not eat live tissue unless that is the only rewl option, so I found out as I have a worm farm so they will not harm your plant unless sytaved of alternatives. What they will do is help to aerate the soil and also provide eg worm castings. The fact there ja a lot of worms is a good sign for the soil and can only be beneficial.,the%20roots%20of%20live%20plants.
@Seymour it was in a 3 inch pot for several months, there were no roots left (maybe one inch). And who knows how long it was in that pot before I got it.
@Seymour forgot to add, Iā€™d left them for 2 months because I heard they were beneficial, but after seeing the plant go downhill I had to remove them.
@Perkatory all good Kelsey, I was just seeking to clarify after reading the heading "worms in my plants" but I am not sure they are the problem your plant may have experienced, that's all. But repotting with fresh soil, etc certainly won't hurt.