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What’s your largest plant?
My stromanthe triostar is almost 3 years old and has gotten huge! #CalatheaCrew #HappyPlant #FreshLeafFriday
8ft to light, indirect
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 months ago
#PlantGoals amazing!!
Beautiful! My biggest used to be my golden pothos,she just went through a major shock period so lost a lot of leaves,though.
I’m sooooo jealous!! It’s beautiful! My largest is my dwarf umbrella tree
Here’s my largest. I’m not even 100% sure what it is. I bought it from a guy on the side of the road for like $3 almost 3 years ago.
Also, that triostar is gorgeous! I hope I can get mine that big one day, right now they’re super smol
@angi I bet you can! When I first got mine and started researching it everything I read and saw said they can get up to 4 feet around given the right conditions!
@BoozyBillsBabe Actually, I’m about to repot mine. Can I ask what kind of soil you use? I’m all for taking tips to get them big & beautiful like yours.
@angi I usually use Espoma Organic Potting Mix
So beautiful 🀩 my triostar looks sad with lots of yellow edges on the leaves even though she's next to a humidifier 😭😭