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Need help identifying this plant
Was gifted this plant but have no idea what it is and every app i use it pops up different plants #plantID #ID #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #planttherapy #newplantmom
Which plants have the apps told you it is? And maybe we can get some ideas about what it could be!
@brittnee my all says it’s a Bush Lily.
It’s an Amaryllis!! I have one too. I think the bulb likes to be exposed a bit. Here’s mine
It’ll get a gorgeous flower 🌺 in the middle at some point.
Oh my gosh! Yes @Jilliebeanstalk that's exactly what it is! I had no idea about the bulb being exposed, i will have to do that. I live in zone 6b do i need to keep it outdoor? Also will it come back next year or will i have to bring it indoor for the winter?
Thank you all so much πŸ–€
@brittnee I got mine over last winter at stop n shop while it was flowered. It got like 4 more flowers then they dies off and haven’t flowered again yet. I’ve had it outside all summer but plan to bring it in for fall and winter. The leaves died too so I cut the whole thing down to a bulb and now it has the two new leaves πŸƒ yeyyy I’m some 5-6 ish. One nursery tells me 5 and the other 6. I dunno πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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