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Hi there. Iโ€™m in the trial period for this program. This ...

4โ€ pot with drainage
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if you click on the plant in your โ€œgardenโ€ and then hit the three dots on the top right side, a menu will pop up and the first option is โ€œedit detailsโ€ you can click on that then on the current name of the plant to change it. sometimes i have a problem with getting the keyboard to disappear, but if you save the change and then back out and go back into edit you can continue editing info without the keyboard in the way
Thank you. I already tried that. I need to change the name from Daphne to Red Copper I guess where the die is. I also want to change my location.
I agree with @FicusOnTheGood for the correct instructions to edit your plantโ€™s name and card. This area has these glitches that Greg hasnโ€™t updated that can be frustrating, however, her help is the best answer.
Press and hold down on the D to select an cut once cut the name you want or put the curser in front of the D and type the name you want then put the cursor after the e in Daphne and back delete Daphne out this should erase Daphne your new name should still be there click on Save.
@TryWildcarrot i honestly never thought to click on the die but it looks like that just generates a random name. i agree that the app has several issues but i truly believe the community, plant id and most of the information makes up for that. iโ€™d say try to type it the way @SensationalKoa explained or trying to restart the app to see if that helps
@FicusOnTheGood yes, the Die just generates another name. I had to do it the way Iโ€™m telling @TryWildcarrot just yesterday to get my newest edition added to my oasis. I also agree with you that beside the kinks and issues, itโ€™s a real fun community and interplant type community better than Facebook in my eyes to be able to communicate with like-minded plant enthusiasts all in great fun. Also, having plant idโ€™d can be tricky yet works because you can add it if it isnโ€™t idโ€™d exactly and having reminders and plant info at hand especially when many nurseries donโ€™t provide for this for the exact plant purchased when ordering online, is a big help here amongst the app and communities.
@TryWildcarrot also, this App Is AI based so your using of it like itโ€™s learning from your card and the watering schedule or watering snoozes you provide to the app to help the AI give you your best care instructions as you go in time. You can read up on here how it exactly works as I did to get a better idea however only you know your home environment and your plants moisture/dryness/humidity etc. so use this as a helpful guide and reach out to post questions in the feed if you have them for those that can help as you did here.
I love this App. I did have to reach out to support team and they had to put my location in. For whatever reason I couldnโ€™t, the App wouldnโ€™t allow me but theyโ€™re so very nice and helpful if you need them