Posted 1Y ago by @SpeedyF19

Dry patch

I adopted my plant about 10 days ago, and over time is seemed to slowly weaken and branches began to slouch. Today I noticed a dry patch of in an area opposite to the window. I placed the plant in a larger pot upon adoption, and expected it to be lazy at the beginning. But the dry patch worries me. I spray her a couple of times a day to make sure she isn’t too dry. Should I opt for a humidifier? Or should I try to manage the temperature in the room better?
2ft to light, direct
9” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
@SpeedyF19 can you please take a pic of the dry patch and post it. I too would be worried. Maybe it’s nothing but then again it could be something to worry about.
Could be normal repotting stress. Is she getting enough water?
@KikiGoldblatt this is the fried bit
This is her state at this time
@Kwanna I’m giving her approx 550 ml every week
@SpeedyF19 I believe it’s from repotting stress @Kwanna said. They can do a number on your plants. I just had to repot this Fiddle Leaf Fig this morning. It was root bound.
@KikiGoldblatt do you have any recommendations? Or is it a case of patience?
@SpeedyF19 just patience. I would give it about another few days to a week to acclimate to your environment.
@SpeedyF19 I would also make sure that no light touches it fonds.