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I have an indoor plant and I want to learn a good routine. Any tips?
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Palm’s need a lot of bright light to do best. Morning direct sunlight would be great. Watch your watering as it’s in a pot with no drainage. By the looks of it you still have it in the nursery pot surrounded by soil. This will still not be the best situation as you cannot remove the plastic nursery pot to drain any excess water out of the pot after watering. Even if you may have drainage at the bottom excess water will still collect. Since there is also a lot of area around the outside of the pot this will also help retain the water at the pot and it will gradually fill up over the time creating root rot.
I cut the brown tips off a day ago and they came right back. I’m not sure how often to water or what kind of light to use or the frequency
@Gordo Thank you for your information! Do you know if there is any possible way to keep the plant alive for as long as possible indoors? Even with the pot or vase were changed out? I know it’s a long shot. It happens to be a decorative plant in my work space and I tried hard to find an indoor raised palm hoping it would last a while because I do enjoy real plants over the imitation ones 🥹 I know that may not have made sense for long term but I could not help myself trying to make it work.
I have the same plant and I suggest you mist it with a spray bottle often. They love the humidity as they are tropical plants. Good luck 😊
@UltraBacchus no problem. Palms are hard to take care of indoors as they need a lot of very bright light. The best thing I can suggest is have it next to a window where it gets a wide view of the open sky. Best in morning direct light but next to any window would be best. Maybe keep it out of direct afternoon sun. Follow the app for watering and snooze when needed. There’s a lot of great information on the net and YouTube is also a great. Just try your best. Plants want to live and will adapt to a certain extent. If you have low humidity they you could try to increase this with a humidifier or use a pebble tray with water in it( but not to the level of the base of the pot) to help. Even bunch a group of plant’s together and they will create a small micro environment. I truly wish you all the best on the journey.
@Gordo thank you so much !! I will follow and try my best with it. A little experimenting couldn’t hurt and I see it’s trying to hold on lol

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