Posted 10M ago by @James119

Hi all I've had my banana plant about a month and within...

If you squeeze the base, does water dribble out?
@RocketStation I'll try when I get home from work
I’ve had mine about that long as well. I ended up moving it to an east facing window and it has perked up nicely 😊
@RocketStation nope, no water
@Hilly99 she's already got pretty good sun from an East facing window, but I'll try moving her closer πŸ˜…
@James119 I would say give it an healthy watering, the stems hold a lot of water and so if it doesn’t feel like there is water in then that would indicate to me it’s lacking there. Just make sure there is plenty of drainage:)
Hello! I bought 5 of these guys 2 weeks ago and all of them have drooped over and have some brown on them . We did have 2 frosts since I got them , I live in Maryland so weather hasn’t made up her mind yet but I covered them over night . Now they look like this all of a sudden ! Any help please