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Why are there so many gnats in my plant? And how do I get...

2ft to light, indirect
9” pot without drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
A few things you can do! One is mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water and water your plant. Also, you can let your plant dry out completely, killing the larvae. Sticky traps that are yellow and blue tend to get the adults. And Mosquito bits is another method!
If the damage is extensive or there’s a lot of them, you can also take out the plant, inspect the roots to see if any are damaged from the larvae, cut off damage, rinse and equal parts hydrogen per and water, and repot with NEW soil. Throw away old soil.
Usually overwatering cause fungus gnats. They’re favorite food is your plant’s rotting roots, caused by overwatering. So, only water your Snake plant when the soil is completely dry. Allowing the soil to dry out between watering will also discourage gnats from laying eggs in the soil.
▫️Use 2-3 TEASPOONS of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide per 1 cup of water. The 50/50 ratio is probably too much hydrogen peroxide. But, using the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide will kill the larvae. But don’t use too much 3% hydrogen peroxide at one time and don’t use it too often, because it purifies the soil, eliminating the beneficial bacteria as well as the harmful pathogens that cause root rot. Your plant will benefit from the chemical soil transplant it provides, and it will eliminate the pathogens that cause root rot. For more info:
▫️Use the yellow sticky traps to catch them in the flight stage of their development.
▫️ If you lightly sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth-Food Grade on top of the soil, it will immediately elimate your fungus gnat problem. This is from personal experience, I only had to use it one time. πŸ™‚ As a precaution, wear safety goggles and a mask, because the DE powdery particles are sharp. So, you don’t want to inhale it, or let it irritate your eyes. Also get it in a container with a puffer tip for easy application.
πŸ™ I hope you successfully eliminate this pesty problem.
Images of :
(1) Diatomaceous earth -Food Grade
(2) Sticky traps or fungus gnats traps
(3) 3% Hydrogen peroxide
πŸ™ Good Luck