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Leaf stuck!!!
#BirdOfParadise I got this BOP a couple months ago and this leaf has been stuck like this ever since with no sign of any budging!! Any tips ?
2ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
Have you tried "Open Sesame"? No, I'm joking. It's probably bcuz of lack of humidity. Try misting the air around it or if you have a humidifier put it near the plant.
@LatiTish84 lol thank you so much! I have a humidifier but it’s very small I’ll have to get a bigger ine
Try showering it when you do the watering.
@Mjaubeibi40 does this mean just like soaking it from above ? I’m a newbie in the plant world lol
@Plantvirginn yes - with lukewarm water. I got one that was totally stuck like that due to lack of moisture. Give it a good shower!
@Mjaubeibi40 thank you so much for the advice!!
@Mjaubeibi40 any other tips you have to get BOP plants to thrive ?
@Plantvirginn i do not know yet, I have a rescue project myself with mine, no new leaf there yet. But I did cut off all the small leaves that had brown spots.
I bought a sad looking one

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