Posted 1w ago by @starshooter

Any way to salvage my croton?
πŸ˜… Worried this is a silly question, but will this croton grow it’s leaves back? I read online when I bought it that they often lose all their leaves before acclaimating to a space and regrowing them - Will that be the case for this guy? Or is it just a lost cause?
Those seems like pretty crispy, but I'm not familiar with crotons, so not sure...
@WickedValkyrie They do to me too, even though it only had indirect sunlight, was next to a humidifier, and I was watering ~2x a week, based on soil dryness 😭 I’m not sure what else I could’ve done
Sounds like you've done your best and hopefully it's just acclimation and will bounce back soon!
@starshooter you definitely want to give it some water and try giving it some fertilizer
@PlantyPlanter Good call on the fertilizer, it probably needs it now that it’ll be making new growths 😊

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