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Bleached Leaves!

#Coleus Hey y’all brand new plant dad here. I picked up this Coleus and while it has sprouted new smaller leaves on its stems, most of the bigger leaves seem to bleached. This plant is kept in a corner where it receives sunlight, and I have been watering it everyday because it sits near a fan that is constantly on so the soil would dry. Any tips to make this plant grow healthier and bigger?
Could be too much light? How much is it getting?
@JesssJungle hey Jess! So really it was in a corner that never receives direct sunlight at all. I moved it for the sake of the picture but since placed it back
I’ve been growing these babies from seed for a year or so now. Older coleus leaves do lose their color. Don’t be afraid to prune it. It will encourage more new and vibrant growth and help you grow a fuller plant
@LexLuthor Thank you! I’ll definitely try this out
Hi! These plants are somewhat delicate. I have several, and what has worked for me is waiting for the leaves to indicate that they need water before watering them. Otherwise, they can drown if you water them every day. If I were you, I would move them to a spot with a bit more shade but still with exposure to indirect light ☺️
@KeenHairysedge wow that’s a beautiful looking coleus. What signs should I look out for? Drooping is the only thing I can think of