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What’s wrong with my plant?
Is it #sunburn ? Or water related? I recently propagated this #PolkaDotBegonia ; all was well. I moved it closer to the window (from 5ft-ish to about 1 ft) about.. a week ago tomorrow. I was hoping to promote some growth. Lol anyways, I just noticed that one of the leaves has turned brown and translucent. It was fine two days ago. Follow-up question: how do I take care of it from here? Cut the brown bits off? Leave the leaf as is? Or is it beyond repair and I should cut the whole leaf off? #WhatsWrongWithMyPlant
1ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
With how translucent it is, I would say it’s an overwatering issue. When overwatering, the cells in the leaves burst, resulting in leaves looking like this.

The leaves will not fix themselves, so you can either keep ‘em and have them give your plant the little nutrients they have left, or you can snip them off so the mother plant doesn’t spend energy trying to fix those leaves, and instead puts that energy into pushing out new growth :)
You can also trim off the brown edges.

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