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Bonsai Jack potting mix for succulents
Hello! Heeding advice.. i just purchased a bag of bonsai jack gritty mix for succulents. However, I’m wondering if it’s alright to transplant my succulents to it directly? Should I mix it with cacti potting mix for transition? What works best on using it? 🙂
I have not used this brand before, so I am not sure. But I would say that it depends on which plants you are transplanting. Looking at the product, it looks rather gravelly in texture. I think if I were to encounter that, I would mix it in with soil like I would with perlite. But this is just a guess! I will keep poking around.
Looking at the reviews on the website, it seems that people are just potting directly in it. My only thought with that is you will have to pay attention to watering because Greg’s algorithm out of the gate will probably not account for how quickly the soil drains and you might need to adjust your watering schedule.
@malobee thank you for this. Ive seen people highly recommending it, got curious. But worried as well as to the transition and how much moisture it can retain to actually let the plants have time to absorb. And yes, thanks for pointing out Greg’s algorithm based on how i watered them previously
@drakosmüm succulents are pretty hardy little things as long as they are not sitting in wet. I think that they should transition fine with the transplant.
@malobee thanks for taking time! Appreciate it. Fingers crossed they wont get shookt with the new soil. 😊 will update on this post ! 💚
I use this a lot! I put some succs directly in it, but others I mix with some soil. It depends on the plant. If you use nothing but this, you’ll have to water more often because it won’t hold water, but that’s why it prevents root rot. It’s also super lovely, so sometimes I use it as a top dressing, because I know it won’t rot my plants like little pebbles might.
@Jana85 thanks! Taking note on that. I guess will really have to observe and check which ones would need more watering needs. And yeah, also liked the gritty mix can be a top dressing itself! ☺️

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