Posted 1Y ago by @YesCatthyme

My creeping inch plant is dying in the middle but still growing, how can I help it get better?
2ft to light, direct
6” pot
Last watered 1 year ago
Thes plants continually need to be "adjusted". They will grow and some parts may die away, but you can easily propagate the new growth back into the pot.

EDIT: mine loses the top growth and I continually propagate it back into the pot. In my experience, this isn't a plant that you can just let sit, it needs attention to be pretty.
Mine is difficult, that's why I called her finnicky, she looks pretty right now because I rooted some in water and added it to the pot.. Well see how she does πŸ‘€ yours @YesCatthyme looks a while lot better than mine. As Sarah @sarahsalith said they're easy to propagateπŸ‘
Forgot the pic
Mine looks rough. I really need to spend some time starting over and propagating this mess.

It looks okay from the front ... but the back looks BAD. 😬

EDIT: WEIRD- I could have SWORN I attached pictures to this comment. #GregFeedback (I know I did).
Here are the pictures again.