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Begonia Maculata producing seeds?
My begonia has been blooming the last 3 weeks, but this morning I noticed a complete change in appearance of the new flowers! It appears to have another section below the flower is it seeds? And will I be able to harvest n plant them? it is very firm. #Begonia #begoniamaculata #HappyPlants #NewGrowth #help #PlantTherapy #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #proudplantmom #NewPlants
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1. The seedpods are located behind the female flower; female flowers have a swollen ovary at the base of the flower and do not contain yellow stamens.

2. Clip the seedpods off the plant when they begin to look dry, but harvest the seedpods before they are fully dry and split open, dispersing seeds.

3. Open the seedpods over a piece of white paper, such as typing paper, and empty the seedpods.

4. Use an empty pill bottle or other small plastic container to store deeds until dry. Fold the white paper and use it to funnel the seeds into the container. It generally takes a week or so for the seeds to dry.

5. Pour dried seeds out and onto typing paper or other white paper. Using a second sheet of white paper, gently tilt the paper containing seeds and chaff over the other sheet of paper. The tiny seeds will roll off, leaving the chaff behind. If no seeds roll off, it may be all chaff rather than viable seeds.

6. Pour seeds from the sheet of paper into an envelope, tape shut, add the date and mark it so that you know what type of seed the envelope contains.
I've been secretly hoping someone would answer this for you. If I had to guess, the seeds would come from here. However, I don't see anything that would make me think it's ready to produce seeds. Usually begonias are propagated from cuttings or stems or division or leaves, to my knowledge.

@z0yk0t Yet, the purpose of flowers is to produce seeds. It may be easier for us to propagate plants in other ways,
@z0yk0t Whoops, didn’t finish. No matter how we propagate plants that is easier than seeds, plants produce seeds from flowers. We can usually find them if a plant flowers for us, but it is not always the best way for us to propagate them. So yes, those may be the beginning of seeds.
Not much information on starting the seeds, probably because of the easier ways of propagating these.. I was reading that the plants would not be as large as a baby you’d get from a cutting but if they are allowed to dry out and fall off the plant they will take &, (hopefully) give me something. Considering I don’t think imma ever cut this plant I’m giving it a try! Maculata is just too beautiful not to try!
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