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is this sunburn?

hello! I have a small worry with my golden sedum :( since it’s starting to get warmer and the sun is out more which as a plant owners made me happy so I rushed to put them out, but ive started slowly putting plants outside and I come back after class to this, though I just want some confirmation, is this plant suffering from sunburn?
3ft to light, direct
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
It looks like it needs to be pruned. You can clip it back with just any plant clippers/pruners, so there’s an inch or two of plant left. It’ll grow back. And you should bring it indoors if it’s over 80 degrees F.
It's not sunburn. First week: give the plant 2 hours of direct morning Sun rays. You need to increase the sun exposure by 2 hours every week.
@SvelteKingfern well that’s good to hear I thought it was sunburn! The only downside is I’m not at home for an extended period of time during the day so it’s hours at a time since I have classes and work :(( so usually I leave them out and check on them when I get back from work. However, I thank you for this advice! I will use it in the future
@SimpleSucculent what parts should I prune? I’m overly attached to my plants :,)) so I’m worried I’ll harm them if I do too much to them
Just the stem. Try doing it to one Sedum, and if it works, do it to the rest. I understand you’re attached to your plants, but this is the healthiest thing for them.
Don’t cut the leaves.
@SimpleSucculent should I start with the ones leaning over?
@SimpleSucculent you can really do it with any, but the ones leaning over need it most
Oops didn’t mean to reply to myself
@SimpleSucculent thank you! Though I just watered it πŸ—Ώ so I’m not sure if I should do it tmr morning