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no new leaves from the ladies
i propagated both ruby and jet (now in the same pot) from an old, old, OLD plant my mother got from HER mom. it was a skinny little thing, my mom is going to earn a reputation for herself on here if she doesn’t start taking better care 😭😭 it’s pretty decently in shape but never really put out any stems besides one that shoots off the main stem, and there’s only about 20 leaves on the whole damn spaghetti noodle (albeit pretty helathy). i thought that maybe the propagations would have better luck as they’re much happier and healthier, and grew roots sooooo fast. unfortunately i’ve seen not even a smidge of new growth. where does the new growth usually come from in the plant (the brown bumpies? the ‘v’ in between stem and leaf? the actual stem???), and how long does it usually take for a happy propagation(s) to start showing new growth? #PothosPack #NewGrowth
1ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
I now they aren’t fast growers and your species might be a slow grower. You might want to try giving it some natural, not too strong fertilizer for plants like Pothos.
So your plants are stems, right? The bumpy things will become roots. The leaves will start from the stem above the nodes.
I once had two props that grew roots and were planted and didn't put out ANY new growth for over a year... Don't give up. (:
Also, given the right care pothos are actually extremely proficient growers. Mine have grown several feet in the last couple weeks alone. I use Fox Farm Grow Big liquid fert diluted to 50% during the growth season and fertilize every time I water. (25% strength during the off season.)
Here's some examples of new growth. The part I've circled in red is actually New growth coming in on a leaf that hasn't even finished uncurling yet! (:
@WickedValkyrie whaaaat, that’s awesome!! i’ll be patient, fingers crossed my girls start growing like that! what’s the on/off season, i might dip my pinky toe into seeing if fertilizers work for me but i don’t want to screw it up and kill my perfect baby angels.
@nomoredeadplant you have to fertilize them eventually or you will kill them. It's up to you which one you use, of course, but they will need food eventually. 🖤 As for the on/off seasons, that varies by location but generally speaking winter/fall months are considered the off season in most places. (: Look up Planterina on YouTube. She has TONS of great videos on pothos care as well as general plant care, fertilizing guides, etc. 🙂✌️
Mind you, if you just planted them in a commercial soil there's probably fert included so technically you shouldn't need to fertilize right away, but I always do...

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