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Death of new growth?
Does anyone know why my #BlueStarFern puts out new growth that starts to die before the frond even starts to form? There’s plenty of new growth coming out of it but I find these dead ones every once in a while.
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2ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Ferns like to be kept moist. Maybe a little to close to the window? What does Greg say about placement?
Could be lack of ambient humidity maybe? But if it puts out lots of new growth and only occasionally one dies, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. The overall plant is probably fine. If you start noticing it happen more and more, then that may be a cause for concern.
Ferns are delicate and a bit challenging because they have such specific plant needs, so trying to grow them inside at all is not as easy as some other plants! I have to keep some of mine in a terrarium because they don’t like the lack of humidity in my house. Another fern I have gets dry and brown basically the instant it gets too dry. There’s very little wiggle room with them in my experience so that’s why I say don’t worry too much unless it starts to affect the overall plant!
@catertots good to know it’s not something to worry about! I was concerned the rhizome was buried or something and that’s why they were dying. Ambient humidity is definitely not an issue for her, heatwave in NYC currently and there’s 80% humidity in my apartment right now 😂
@Justine ah ok good to know it’s not that then!! Yeah if the overall plant is good and there is plenty of new growth that is successful, then it’s probably nothing to worry about! Maybe check for pests just in case/for peace of mind, but yeah should be fine!
@Vinxy2 Greg approved of mine, less than 3 ft from indirect light. Looks like this guy is in a good lighting position
@Justine It’s 90% humidity today in NE pennsylvania 😂
Next thing to test for them would be pests.
Unpot & check … 🤷🏽‍♀️
Mine was doing the same thing, some new growths dying and some living and I decided to ignore it because of the consistently successful new growths, but turns out he was actually dying 😢 He slowly thinned out until he was no more, like over the course of a year and a half. If you notice the plant thinning out overall I'd do some more sleuthing. If it seems to be growing in size and fullness might not be anything to worry about

I was originally underwatering him which was causing him to struggle big time. I figured out I needed to water him constantly and he started doing better, but I didn't know about avoiding watering on the rhizome, it was my first fern and I still had a lot to learn. After I started keeping his soil super moist he started putting out new growth but half of it would die before the fronds started to form, looked just like yours. After more research into fern care I believe my issue was that I didn't make sure to avoid watering on top of the rhizome but no way to know for sure 😅
@BuoyantFord I’ll keep a better eye out on mine then! I usually bottom water to avoid the rhizome but maybe I should water more often than Greg suggests.

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