Posted 8M ago by @ValeriaJ

Oxalis has weird eggs?

My purple oxalis has these weird looking eggs? Or pods? I have no idea 😭
I tried doing a google search and with the image but it only recognizes the plant but not what’s on it.
Luckily, this is only on these little sprouts that came out on an extra pot. #PurpleShamrocks #Oxalis
7ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
How bizarre! 😯
Those oval bell shaped, whitish to yellowish colored gills on those pods look like harmless mushrooms. But, I can’t find a case where mushrooms will grow on leaves of plants. So, its identity is still a mystery. πŸ€” Maybe a new species of mushrooms. 😯
▫️Those dusty whitish/grayish specks on the leaves and stem looks like powdery mildew. So, QUARANTINE this plant to keep this contagious fungus from spreading and harming the other plants in your oasis. Giving it more light, avoid getting water on its leaves and improve the air circulation around the plant can prevent powdery mildew.
The treatment for powdery mildew:
▫️This plant is resilient, with treatment it will make a speedy recovery.
I hope your plant will make a speedy recovery.
@Ada3 thank you! Thankfully, this plant has been outside and away from the others and it was a little rhizome I left in an old pot and it just started growing πŸ˜†
What a mystery πŸ€”
I think those pods are spider’s sacs.
@Ada3 I did find the answer! It was slug eggs πŸ˜†