Posted 2w ago by @kmaytender

what do these brown spots mean for my plant? I thought it was not getting enough humidity so I misted it but not sure if I actually made it worse πŸ₯² please advise πŸ’š
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Mine got brown spots from underwatering. It’s cleared up and I now water when the soil is lightly moist, about a day from drying out. After a few months all my leaves are healthy again
@Beeps thanks so much!!
@kmaytender no problem and good luck! Keep us updated
Usually if a Calathea gets brown spots, it's from underwatering or, more likely, from the impurities in tap water. All my Calatheas get distilled water. They seem to like it.
@wolfwoman I just got some distilled for my white fusion but will have to use it for all 3 of my calatheas now 😊 ty for the tip!
@kmaytender no problem. Here's a few of mine, just to show you they're happy. 😊
Those are beautifiul

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