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Can’t seem to figure out the right amount of light my coffee plant thrives in, any advice?
6” pot
Last watered 1 year ago
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@Plantbebe I have mine very close to an east facing window, I put the grow light on from dinner to about 10pm (so about 4 hours). Mine is always pushing out new leaves. The only problem is they always end up browning. I’ve read from lack of humidity. I recently purchased a better humidifier but after reading your post I’m rethinking that maybe it is because of the lighting. @sarahsalith is light a bigger factor vs humidity? I’m thinking of moving it to my south facing windowsill after reading your comment. I plucked off so many brown leaves recently and she now looks like my eyebrows did in the early 2000’s 😞. I’m looking to save all of her baby leaves now.
I have my coffee plants and a south windowsill. They really enjoy lots of sunshine!

EDIT: I saw on your plant card that your pot has no drainage. Make sure that your plant can drain well and let the soil dries out.
I agree with @sarahsalith I have mine under grow lights and he loves it.
@babyfiretiger13 my coffee tree is not near my humidifier. The humidity in the coffee tree's area is probably 40-45% humidity (which isn't a whole lot).

EDIT: oh my gosh! I just saw your comment- your eyebrows in the 2000's!! Ha! 🤣 The good thing is that plant will grow new leaves when it has enough light. (:
@sarahsalith I am making the switch TODAY! My indoor humidity is about 45-55%. Thank you so much for your help!

And yes the Pamela Anderson brow trend was no joke!! 😂
@sarahsalith that’s deff a mistake, the pot DOES have drainage, the picture isn’t up to date also and I’ve gotten lots of brown on the leaves. I thought it was because the grow light was too much so I lessened that usage but not much changed. it’s close to a window that is half covered by sheer curtains- still gets a decent amount of sunlight but maybe still not enough? It is in the same spot as my 3 birds of paradise that are absolutely thriving