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Learning what’s best for each plant can be nerotic.

I also just repotted my tiger jaws, and they’ve been outside for two days and seem like they are declining ? I don’t think I watered them to much but not sure what this issue it ? Color has changed and these little white spots are on the middle of leaves. Not sure if it needs water or got to much or too much sun ? #SucculentLove #SucculentSquad
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
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Oh snap, tiger jaws got you feeling puzzled? Don't
Worry I have a bit of experience let me share ……Color switch-up: If those tiger jaws are changin' color, it's like a mood ring, tellin' ya somethin's up. Check if they're gettin' too much sun. They like it sunny, but not scorchin' hot, so give 'em some shade during the hottest hours.
Water wisely: Two days outside and they're lookin' down? Might be they're feelin' a bit thirsty. Give 'em a drink, but not like a waterfall. Let the soil dry between waterings to avoid root rot drama.
Spot check: Little white spots on the leaves? Sounds like troublemakers called mealybugs. Get rid of those pests ASAP with a soapy solution and show 'em who's boss!
Warm, not too warm: Tiger jaws enjoy a cozy temp, somewhere around 70°F to 85°F (21°C to 29°C). Keep 'em warm but not in a sauna, that ain't their style.
Chill vibes: Sometimes, when you repot, plants can go through a little adjustment phase. It's like they're gettin' used to their new crib. Give 'em some time to settle in, and they might bounce back.
Gimme some shelter: If you think they got too much sun outside, bring 'em in and find a sunny spot indoors. Maybe they're more of a homebody than an outdoor party animal.
drainage is key: Double-check that pot's got some drainage holes, so they don't drown in the water party.
Don't over-fertilize: These jaws don't need a buffet of food. Feed 'em a lil' cactus-friendly fertilizer once a month during the growin' season.
Observe and adapt: Keep an eye on 'em and adjust your care based on their vibes. If somethin's still off, they might be sendin' you another signal.
Stay positive: Talk to your tiger jaws, show 'em some love, and stay positive. They feel the good vibes, and it might just be what they need to bounce back!
There you have it! Treat those tiger jaws with some TLC, and they'll show you some fierce beauty in return. 🐯🌵
@JungleDreamer thank you so much ! Love the way you went into detail about everything.
I’m usually pretty intuitive when it comes to these things but with my newer species, I’m still learning. I’m honestly thinking it might’ve just been moved outside too quickly because it was used to some shade and I think I might’ve scorched it a little bit but I’m gonna bring it inside and give it some water and talk to it real nice and hopefully she’ll perk up for me by tomorrow. .🫶🏻🌱
@TidyTigerpear You got it, bud! No worries, we all start somewhere, and every plant's got its own quirks. It happens to the best of us – sometimes, we jump into things a lil' too fast. But you're on the right track now!

Bringing it back inside and givin' it some shade sounds like a good plan. Treat it to a nice, easy-goin' waterin', and talk to it like it's your bestie. Plants dig that positive energy, and who knows, it might just be doin' a happy dance for ya tomorrow!

Keep learnin' and lovin' those new plant pals, and they'll show you their true colors in no time. You got this, green thumb! 🌿💚
@JungleDreamer I got a tiger’s jaw just over a month ago. It was part of on online assortment I ordered. I’ve lost 3 leaves total. I thought maybe the leaves on the bottom didn’t like the damp soil after watering. The rest of the plant looks healthy.
@RefinedSandwort see that’s what I thought because it turned yellow and got squishy which in my terms usually means overwatering, but then again, succulents can be really hard to tell with if you’re overwatering under watering because sometimes the symptoms gonna be the same but usually bottom, we fraud is normal if it’s too damp, which I try to avoid.
When was the last time you time you gave them a pesticide
@RefinedSandwort Don't fret, losin' a few leaves ain't no biggie. It happens, especially when they're adjustin' to their new crib.

So, you watered 'em, and the bottom leaves weren't feelin' the wet party? That's possible, 'cause soggy roots ain't their jam. Next time, let the soil dry out a bit before you water again, and they'll be happier than ever.

Keep an eye on those leaves, make sure they ain't gettin' too squishy or yellow. If the rest of the plant looks fly and healthy, you're doin' somethin' right! They're probably just gettin' used to their new digs, and once they're settled in, they'll thank you with more green goodness.

Stay cool, keep carin' for 'em with some love and attention, and you'll be rockin' that tiger's jaw like a pro in no time! 🐅🌿
@Kats are you using a succulent mix when yourepotted them
@JungleDreamer Thank you for the advice and encouragement! I have learned to snooze those watering reminders if the soil doesn’t feel dry. I also measure out my water so that I don’t use more than the recommended amount.
@Kats actually just got them two days ago from Home Depot so I haven’t used any pesticides yet and I’ve honestly never use any type of pesticides on my plants before I’m not 100% sure if the white spot I mentioned is a mealy bug or if it was just discoloration from it being scorching hot 90° weather today in direct sun I’m on this 90% sure that was the cause of the spots.
@Kats yes I’m using an organic succulent mix
@JungleDreamer definitely earned that best answer!!! I thoroughly enjoyed that read even though I don't have a tiger jaw 😆 Good luck @TidyTigerpear and @RefinedSandwort !!!
@WickedLush Thanks a bunch, plant lover! And shoutout to @TidyTigerpear and @RefinedSandwort, may your plant adventures be wild and wonderful. Stay green, stay groovy! 🌿🌿🌿
I personally from past experience I didn’t ever use any pesticides until this year. I use seven. This is good on both vegetables and plants and I have and I just follow the instructions for both and I got to say I’m impressed of the outcome. I didn’t use any kind of fertilizer pesticides because I for one didn’t want to eat my vegetables but when I realized how important it is I will always use the pesticides and fertilizer you’r plants and vegetables can get sick too. Good luck with your tiger jaw plant and I love the outcome of both plants and
That’s great to know thank you