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Can anyone tell me what’s the name of this plant and how to take care of it? I’ve had it for over a year and it does this but stops and then goes dormant for the fall and winter. I’m pretty sure it’s just me not caring for it properly. Help?
In a sort of cage so my rabbit doesn’t mess with it
Sweet plant! Sorry, no idea. Maybe it’s a different temperature where you live than what the species is acclimated to.
@SubTrop I’m thinking that too. It did really well before it got too hot and we turned the ac on. 😭
I think it’s a ti plant
Thank you @AshleyK !!
The pot looks a bit large for its size and if it is in fact a ti plant they like lots of light! The leaves typically turn a darker color. I have one in my oasis if you want to compare!
@AshleyK oh wow! Yours is gorgeous! It’s pretty long and I figured If it was a palm or some sort then maybe it would like a bigger pot, but now that I know I’ll find a smaller one for it! What temp is your environment for it? I try to keep my house around 75-77 degrees, I don’t like the cold lol. I thought it was browning at the leaves because it wasn’t getting enough water but I water once a week maybe less.
@RootedQueen if it’s a ti plant it’s tropical so humid and warmer they like. Mine has grown a bit since that picture. As long as the water drains out Greg has me watering about once a week. I keep finding little webs so I think it’s prone to spider mites but so far I’ve been able to keep it under control. I hope I’m correct in identifying your plant! I thought the stalk and leaves looked similar to my plant.

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