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Thoughts on growing an Aglaonema in water?

I rescued an Aglaonema Golden Fluorite from the clearance cart at Lowe’s a while ago, and it was flourishing for a while, but then started to yellow and droop. I have been taking the same care of it as my Red Siam Aurora, but this one was marked as “Distressed Plant” at the store. While I did get it to produce a beautiful new leaf, it’s just struggling in every other way and I’m wondering if it might do better in just water. I’ve researched it and Chinese Evergreens are excellent candidates for water growth, but I just want to know what my fellow #Greggers think. If you also have a Golden Fluorite, what’s your opinion? And even if you don’t. Lol. Thanks everyone 💚🪴 #PlantTherapy #GregGang #GreggersSupportingGreggers #Aglaonema #ChineseEvergreen #babevila
3ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
I just cleaned the roots with peroxide and overall they look excellent. There is one thing that’s concerning, though. It looks like an open wound. Maybe from a root rotting off? I did the soil mix recommend and that I use with my other Aglaonema but this one was just holding moisture… but surprisingly very few roots are damaged. I put peroxide in this hole and it bubbled. Anyone know what to do about that? Should I wait to put her in water?
@BabeVila I don’t have any of these plants, but good rescue! Those roots are soooo white! Amazing!

I’ll be interested to hear what people have to say about that hole. 🤔
Surely, you’ll get some good input and I’ll bet you have her thriving soon! 🪴💚
@SunnyPlants thank you! I know, her roots are beautiful! 🤩 I put peroxide and cinnamon in the hole, and I did put the plant into water, but I was careful to keep the hole above the water line. I really want this plant to thrive, she looked so SAD when I rescued her, she was marked down to $7 from close to $30. She’s produced a flower and a new leaf in my care, so that’s something! But the other leaves keep, one by one, drooping and turning yellow. I’ve tried different soil mixes that allow more aeration, I’ve cut back on water, I’ve given her a snug pot (read they like that), I’ve put her in all different kinds of light, but nothing is working. But I know I can save her because of her roots, lol! She is in my plant rehab corner right now, where I keep all my plant supplies and my plants that need special attention. This isn’t the original vessel I’d chosen for her, but it works the best to keep that hole above the water.
@BabeVila Sounds like you’re doing all great things for her! I think you were wise to keep that hole above the water too. And great to have her in a dedicated area to keep your eye on her!

I keep looking at all the various pics you have here and *wondering* if the hole doesn’t heal over or close, would it be possible to separate the two stems and then cut above the hole and then put in water? Btw- I’m not at all suggesting you do this. I’m just wondering… 🤔
@SunnyPlants yeah, I was actually thinking the same thing! I totally could do that if I had to. But I would have to regrow the roots on that stem. But that would not be too difficult from what I’ve read. I’m just trying not to put her through any more stress unless I have to lol! But we have the same thoughts 💚
@BabeVila Oh, cool. I was about to go down a rabbit 🐇 🕳 hole on that because I’m just so curious about what a next step might be if the hole didn’t heal. Then, I kind of thought that you had probably already read/investigated this and so I found another rabbit hole! Lol!

Completely understand not wanting to put her thru more stress. I wouldn’t want to either!
I’m very hopeful she’s going to recover from everything you’ve done. Looking forward to updates on her. 🪴💚
Yes they can be grown in water! If you choose soil it has to retain moisture and be well draining. I had to replant mine, a few times during the first 6 weeks to find that out. 😂but it’s great now! And that hole? I have never seen that?
@TheOddAsity I know! I’m 99% sure the hole is from a root that came off because it’s right in between two other big roots. It wasn’t there a couple weeks ago, when I was trying a new potting mix. She does seem to like the water, though so I’m leaving her in there. If the hole doesn’t heal (I’m putting peroxide and cinnamon on every day) then I’ll chop and re root that stem. But right now it’s above the water line and she’s perking up a bit. My other Chinese evergreen is doing great, but then she was not a deeply discounted “distressed plant” at the store (I can’t get over that label. Can I have a “distressed person” label to wear around? 🤣🤣).
Omg @SunnyPlants I just noticed this in “the hole.” I don’t know what it is but I don’t think it’s good? It looks like a little maggot or larvae but idk what kind and it hasn’t moved even though I sprayed water on it and poked it like a cave woman.. it can’t be a fresh root, I’m not that lucky lol. What is it? I don’t know what to do. #GreggersSupportingGreggers #help #Aglaonema is sick and now it has a critter in a hole that appeared in the stem. There was no root rot but this part of the stem is bad looking. Plant rescued from Lowe’s tagged as “distressed plant.” Was going well for a month and then… downhill. I put it in water because it wasn’t doing well in soil. I kept this area above the water line and washed with peroxide and sprinkled cinnamon daily all week. Was looking better until this appeared! Thoughts? #yikes
@BabeVila PS all the brown around the hole is from cinnamon. It’s not rotten all over the stem. Just had a random hole in it that was mushy inside… which seems to have gotten much smaller in the last few days but maybe it’s because it’s full of cinnamon. I’m clearly out of my depth here.
@PoniesAndPlants rescue mission just became more dramatic potentially? Eek
Here’s the entire plant at two angles. It just put out a healthy new leaf! And a flower which I chopped. But another leaf is drooping and yellowing. This thing is keeping me on my toes.
@BabeVila I need that label as well. Like on a hat. Put on as the “now is NOT A GOOD TIME”warning..,,
@PoniesAndPlants I just gave it a good wash and whatever that white thing was went down the drain… I dried and closely examined the hole with my magnifying glass and it is in fact much smaller than it was the day I originally posted, so it does appear to be “healing.” I don’t see any more evidence of creepy crawlies but there could be eggs somewhere so I’m doing another peroxide wash and some alcohol as well. Might separate the two stems as they both have good roots. The other one is doing very well so if this one continues to decline I can at least save the other one, is my thinking?
@BabeVila poor thing! I really don’t know what is up with the bug…it’s either a worm which makes the most sense, or a maggot but where there are one there usually are 100. Can you grad that dude with tweezers? I doubt he is helping things. What does the cinnamon do?
@BabeVila i like it. But she’s improving so that’s awesome! Great job!👏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️
@PoniesAndPlants the cinnamon is a natural anti fungal/antibacterial and protects plants. I have been using it to treat my sick plants or when I have to cut a piece of a plant I sprinkle cinnamon on the cut to prevent infection. You can also mix it in your soil! Yeah the little dude is swimming in my sink pipes now. Lol. The roots look pristine so idk what this is about! But I’ll keep trying things. I’m determined to save this plant!! Lol 💪🏼
@BabeVila Yikes for real!! 😳 😬 on the maggot/larvae thing. Zero clue what that may be. Lol that u poked at it like a cave woman! 😂
Just blew up the pic to have a good look. It is weird looking, maybe it is a new root!! 👀 Looks like a wait and see?? Possibly?
Did the new leaf and flower come out of the stem without the hole or the one *with* the hole?? Good idea about chopping the flower!
If the new leaf and flower came out of the stem without the hole and the drooping and yellowing leaf is coming out of the stem *with* the hole, I’d think that’s kind of telling. 🤔
@BabeVila Okay, while I was writing my post, I see the little guy went down the drain. I’m caught up now. Lol
@SunnyPlants they came out of the stem with the hole!
@SunnyPlants haha sorry I’m all systems go right now and all over the place emotionally so I’m scattered!
@BabeVila Oh, wow!!! So, she’s def on the mend!! Congrats!!!🎉🎊🍾🎈
@BabeVila No need to apologize! I get it! This is exciting! I feel like I’m following a plant soap opera! Lol! I mean this is a good way? What will happen next? Will the hole close? Will more alien 👽 creatures come out and take over?? 😉🤭😂
In all seriousness tho, I’m thrilled you’re having such great success with her! Yay! Your dedication and care is def paying off!!
@SunnyPlants thank you! The larva scared me but I can’t find any other evidence of anything awry! Still might separate the stems though. I’ll see how she does this week. 💓
@BabeVila YOU CAN DO IT!!!