Posted 2w ago by @Leelee

Will she come back to me? We had a rough 6 months.
0ft to light, indirect
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
Hi, Leandra! Welcome to Greg!

Your stromanthe will appreciate bright, indirect light. It can even hang out in medium light further away from a window.

Mine sits about seven feet back from a west window and it gets kissed with direct light for about 30 minutes or so right about this time.

I let the soil dry well, but not too much.

I'd make sure your pot has good drainage and if you'd like, I'd consider going down a pot size or so. That'll help you keep the soil more evenly moist. (:
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Ooo she looks rough. Might start by putting her in the shower with every few days. High humidity will help her bounce back and maybe bottom watering
Plus that other stuff.
Good luck πŸ€

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