Posted 2Y ago by @wackywonker101

Need some seedling help!

I planted this catnip from seed and it's grown lots so I've trimmed some of the large leaves of and then some more to make the middle stock of each bush more prominent.
What I need help with is how to properly either leave this plant alone or regularly trim it so it can be a nice big bush for my kitty! #catnip #help #seedling
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 years ago
Best Answer
Let it grow for a couple of weeks and once it has become a little bigger, then you can start pruning so it starts bushing out and expanding 😊🌿
Thank you! I definitely should leave her alone :)
@wackywonker101 good luck and happy growing! Your cat is going to be so happy! 😊
I grew mine from some seeds last summer. It’s pretty full now.