Posted 10M ago by @XArianaX

Leaves are very droopy
This neon pothos propogation was doing very well until a few days ago when i noticed the leaves getting droopy. Not sure if this means i should pot it or use another kind of fertilizer because im currently using miracle gro liquid fertilizer (ik chemical fertilizers can be bad) so maybe its that? #NeonPothos
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 6 months ago
You could be over watering and may be experiencing the start of root rot. Indicator of this is the leaves start to wilt and yellow, the roots themselves turn black. It’s a hardy plant so i would drain any excess water and consider some more soil mixture in your pot.
A pot with drainage will also help
Yup plant it in soil and no fertilizer in the winter.
I’m in Jersey too and the water here has a bunch of chemicals so switch to distilled or filtered.
Is it in water and leka? Change out the water, Is it tap water?
@userebd3dd34 thanks that exactly what was happening to the leaves!
@missmichelex yes i always try to use distilled water as much as possible for my plants!
@XArianaX me too πŸ™ŒπŸ»
@JuJuBeans yes its tap water and i just potted it in some soil so hopefully it’ll get better! πŸ’š
Here it is!
@XArianaX If you can invest in some chlorine neutralizer it’s available at pet stores. It honestly helps.
@XArianaX looks happier already.
@JuJuBeans ok I’ll try that too thanks ☺️

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