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Where did this come from?
I was doing some plant housekeeping because I noticed 2 of my outside Hoyas had aphids 😱😱 fortunately I think I caught it pretty quick as they were only on the tips of some tendrils. As I was spraying them with some Castile soap mix i noticed this oddball leaf in my Hoya Chelsea. It appears to be growing from the same stem as the regular leaves but the leaf itself looks more like a pubicalyx or something. I’m sure it’s just some normal occurrence in plants but I’m curious about the nature of things. You can see how different it looks right in the middle and it’s stem growing out. It’s a pretty fresh leaf as it’s softer than the others. #HoyaHangout #Hoya #hoyachelsea #whatshappeninghere
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It may be reverting. I've read that alot of Chelsea's revert back to carnosa.
@angelw1975 I think I may cut it and propagate it. Not that I need more plants but you know. For the fun of it πŸ˜‚
@DefiantDndylion Call it #sciencewithgreg... it will be interesting to see if it puts out Chelsea leaves!!!
@DefiantDndylion I agree with @angelw1975 on this. It’s a gorgeous plant.
@DefiantDndylion now that you mentioned this I was thinking the same thing on these leaves they are not quite Chelsea .
@Fl_Foliage yes! I see at the base they’re not quite the same!
@KikiGoldblatt as soon as it’s out of quarantine I’m going to prop it! Damn aphids. I checked today and didn’t see any but I’m not taking any chances!
I never heard of reverting. Looks like I have some reading to do! πŸ€“ My Hoya Krimson Princess also has 2 types of leaves that seem different. I’ll try to snap a pic tomorrow if I remember… πŸ€”

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