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Help! When I got Sage, he was healthy and upright, but no...

5ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
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I personally don’t own an aloe plant. Looking at the pot. I’m guessing you bought it from Costa Farms. The soil type they have used can hold onto moisture. I would start by pulling the plant liner out to see if there’s any water being held… And check the soil for excessive moisture. Then you could consider repotting with a better soil mixture. Good luck πŸ€ … Keep us posted.
@RiomeQueen Yes, it’s Costa Farms. I got a Miracle Grow succulent potting mix and am planning to pot it soon. Would this be the right time to pot it, or do I have to wait?
Now is great for repotting... mine are happiest in full sun and VERY neglected.
I would definitely go ahead and repot. Or plant may want a little more sunshine then your south facing window is providing. But as @HeyLillie mentioned a little neglect in your watering frequency rarely hurts the aloe plant.
@RiomeQueen The two best spots I can put it is where it already is, or 3 feet away from the window but kind of to the side. Are any of these good? I may be able to put a small shelf right in front of the window if I need to.
@SimpleSucculent give your current location a chance. repotting should go along way to improving your plants happiness.. just be mindful to check the soil before watering even if the app suggests it’s watering day.
You can gently tie the leaves to train it to grow straight up if you want it that way. I rotate them and turn the leaning leaves away from the window so that they reach back toward the light in the window.
I would put it closer to the window, but not in the windowsill. Also, rotate plant regularly. Also, I would check for moisture before watering by sticking a wooden chopstick or skewer down to bottom of pot. If there is a significant amount of dirt on chopstick/skewer when you pull it out, test again in 3 days. Water until water runs out bottom of drainage hole. May take a little experimenting to get the lighting just right.
@Mikie I did try turning it away from the window and that didn’t do much. Might have to keep it there longer. And do you mean tos the leaves to a stick or something?
@SimpleSucculent you can tie them with something soft like yarn. A garbage tie works. I wouldn’t but some people do.
@SimpleSucculent, I just purchased the same plant a few weeks ago. I waited a few days before I watered it. The same exact thing happened to mine. Plus it started getting black spots on the leaves and at the bottom. I finally changed it to a bigger pot. Glad I did. I saw that when I took it out of the pot I purchased it in the bottom of the plant was soak and wet. I took the leaf that had black spots on the bottom and cut it to where I saw the good part of the leaf. I placed that leaf in the same as the rest of the plant. I had to cut the bottom part of the plant where it was starting to rot from being soooooo wet. I purchased some soil for the plant and repotted it
I watered from the bottom. I added mosquito bits into the tray with water because I had fungus gnats. I ended up repotting all of the plants except one which will be repotted tomorrow.
@TactfulAjΓ­dulce Thanks! I’ll definitely try bottom watering next time I water it!
@Mikie Okay I’ll try. It came with this wooden stick in the pot to hold it up but the leaves just grew around the stick so I took it out, maybe I should put it back and then tie the leaves to it
@SimpleSucculent oh I didn’t know it was staked, put that stake back in! It wiggled its way around it probably while putting a new leaf. That might be better, then you can tie something lovely around the stakes to keep her from escaping again and it won’t apply pressure to her leaves.
@calmbogwillow Mine did the same thing until I repotted it a bigger pot and it has perked back up and grown!
@Mikie Thanks!
I put two skewers in the pot and used ponytail holders to loosely tie the leaves to the skewers. It looks a lot better now, and I’m getting the potting mix soon.
@TactfulRedsword you said you put mosquito bits into the tray with water……. I have never heard of that. What are mosquito bits? They help with the fungus gnats? I have those suckers although I do SOOO much to try to prevent them and to keep them at bay.
@SimpleSucculent I would love to see a picture of this, if you can and wouldn’t mind?! It would be helpful for some of us folks. Haha
@Keysgirl0179, here's a picture of the Mosquito bits
@TactfulRedsword oh well thank you. I did mean of you tying up your plant but hey. I had never heard of mosquito bits before, so that picture helps as well 🀩 thank you 
Aloe really like the light. I placed one I thought was for sure dead by years outside and it came back stronger than ever. You may be to far from the light source.
Got the potting mix! I just watered it yesterday, can I go ahead and repot or should I wait until the soil’s dry?
@TactfulRedsword I had never heard of this before. Thanks for sharing. I am trying yellow sticky traps.
@RiomeQueen these. I have them alllll over! It’s amazing how nasty and quickly they’ll fill up. Ugh!
@RiomeQueen I haven’t seen any bugs yet, but that’s actually a really good idea! I do think they would get gross quickly but it’s worth it to keep bugs from chewing up a plant!
My #aloevera#let dry out dryout#southwest window πŸͺŸ
My aloe loves when I don't water it for months.
@TeachablePeyote how long would I be able to let it dry out? I had another plant last year (it was a succulent but idk what type it was) and I only watered it like once a month and one day it suddenly looked really dry, and I tried to repot it and the roots were soooo dry and it died the next day.
@Linette8521 now I want to tie up my aloe! Beautiful plant!
I repotting him (see my new post for more info)