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Help with White Fusion Calathea!
My white fusion Calathea had spider mites recently. I think I’ve completely gotten rid of them, but the leaves are still turning yellow and crinkly. Any suggestions on what I should do to save the plant? Thank you!! #CalatheaCrew #Calathea #WhiteFusion #CalatheaWhiteFusion #PrayerPlant #helpneeded
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
I would suggest getting a glass dome!
@Megan I’ll try that! Where is the best place to get one? Thank you!
@bluebladeliger honestly I’d look on Amazon or something, just make sure you actually measure how much space your plant takes up when you’re deciding how big of one to get
Yeah, the White Fusion is on my "no buy" list, cause she's just too hard to please. She needs humidity, and I mean A LOT. A terrarium may be best for her success. I took a fish tank and made a terrarium for my ferns. You can find them pretty much at any big box store or Amazon. Good luck!
@Megan Okay, I’ll look on there! Thank you so much!!
@wolfwoman She was so pretty I couldn’t resist, but she’s very fussy. I think I’ll try getting a terrarium! Thank you!!
@bluebladeliger yes. Very beautiful. That's how she got me...three times, lol.
@wolfwoman Oh no, haha. XD I hope I’m able to save mine!
There's also a yellow fusion. It's pretty cute too.
@wolfwoman I saw those too! So beautiful, but I think I’m going to avoid them after all the issues with my white fusion, lol.
Wise choice! Good luck!
@wolfwoman Thank you! I’ll post updates!
Calatheas def talk to you when they aren’t happy. But omg, she’s beautiful!

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