Posted 3M ago by @GodsendHopsage

What do I do here?!

My ficus altissima became very unhappy and I delayed dealing with it for far too long. Since relocating to a different she’s far happier with lots of new growth that is staying (before it would brown and fall off), the two tones are returning in the leaves although some are curling a little. I’m wondering what to do with the dead top of the tree??
0ft to light, direct
11” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Pretty sure you can trim off the dead parts. I have two ficus ginseng plants that were sadly neglected for too long so I gave them a little trim where ever there wasn't any growth. You can trim up to a third of the branches to help shape it. This also encourages growth. Best of luck! πŸ’š
So would I just trim the main β€œtrunk” above the top healthy branch? Thanks for the help!
@GodsendHopsage Yup! You can just go slow and trim off a bit at a time. It can be hard to tell sometimes how much of the branch is dead (maybe other more experienced plant parents have some tips to share about pruning">#pruning?). Make sure you use clean cutting tools and sanitize with rubbing alcohol in between making cuts in case you accidentally trim into a live/green part - and even then, no need to worry. It'll probably leak a bit of liquid which can be irritating to skin (and eyes) so be sure to wash your hands thoroughly, as well as your cutting tools. My ficus have been fine, no infections even when I cut into a live branch. The liquid should stop and dry up but you can also dab it off. Hope your plant will grow more with care and time!