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Leaning Bearpaw

My Bearpaw is leaning a lot and some of the top is unstable so I’m thinking about putting a stick/pole near her and tying them together (I forgot what it’s called) but the stem is stiff and I’m unable to straighten it out. She’s growing almost completely horizontal now. What do I do?
3” pot without drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
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Well the only remedy for the overall "posture" of the plant would be to chop it and then prop the piece you chopped of. Almost sounds/seems like it needs more light or for the light it is receiving to be more evenly distributed. Rotate the plant more often or move it to a spot where it can get more of an over head light exposure so it'll be more even. Other than that I always use whatever I have handy to prop my plants. I've used straws, chop sticks, plastic silverware (I'll break the 2 center pieces on the Forks so the plant can rest snug in the gap). You can use bread ties or velcro or zip ties and secure sections of the plant onto whatever you decide to use and start training the plant to grow back upwards if you don't want to chop and prop
@abby.r I'm afraid if you try to do something with that unstable part it might break off. Let's get some experts involved here @TidyTigerpear @KrunchyWrap
I think it’s reaching for light , it will straighten out if you place it under grow lights or somewhere with more strong stable lighting
You can use a stick to help guide it, towards the stronger light and it will get with the program quicker and realize what your trying to do and grow more upwards
@TidyTigerpear @TidyTigerpear Thank you so much!! And have a happy new year πŸ₯³ πŸŽ†