Posted 4M ago by @ZealfulOricad

When should I plant my tulip?

2ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 months ago
Not until roots are coming out of the bottom of the pot!
Keep taking care of it like any houseplant. When the foliage yellows it will be ready to go to a permanent home outdoors.
You can plant a tulip outdoors at any time the soil is not frozen! You don’t need roots- the bulb knows what to do, just plant it in a hole about 6” deep with the root base facing down. The best time to plant is fall but sometimes you can get away with very early spring and still get flowers. If you plant during the summer the bulb may sprout some leaves but you usually won’t get flowers until the next season. Don’t worry- it will be beautiful the following spring!
In the spring. Mid March for any plant. Tropical, i usually wait til our spring.