Posted 1Y ago by @estonalin

lots of dead brown leaves. is it normal?

6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
Is the weather cold and dry? If so, that could be the problem; As well as under watering ✨πŸͺ΄
Do you have a picture of the tree now? I'd hate for it to be slowly drying out.

Since it's an evergreen, if you are seeing browning needles, something is definitely wrong.

Be careful not to overwater it because that could damage the roots and turn the needles brown. Underwarering can have a similar effect.
how do you guys tell if you’re overwatering? sorry i’m quite new to this!
@sarahsalith they are mostly inside. so the pic is recent and taken today. i’m just wondering if browning is due to lack of water? or maybe too much sun
@estonalin I don't think it would be too much sun inside, unless it's not being turned to get sun on all sides.

Is the browning only on one side?

(Sorry for all the questions πŸ˜‰)

Is it new for you? If it is, then it could just be adjusting to its new home.

Does it have proper drainage? I ask because I've killed one of these before by not watering it enough. I watered mine once a week (NEVER WATER on a SCHEDULE- water on a rhythm). I wasn't watering my plant throughly and allowing it to drain well.

If the roots get damaged, this type of plant will have a very hard time to recover.

How far away is your plant from the southern sun? Is that a bright light?

I know in some areas, southern sun is very bright light, in other areas, not so bright.

You'll not want to let this plant dry out for too long. On the fly, I'd say European Cypress like humid, cool weather - but that's just on the fly.

Depending where you are, where your plant is in the sun, it may need to be watered a few times a week to every week.

You'll have to play it by ear and test the soil with your finger: not too wet and not dry for too long.

Rotate your plant each time you water so all sides are getting sun. And keep in mind, it's an outside tree so you'll want to replicate that as much as possible.

The thing that killed my plant is I let the roots dry out too long. The smaller the plant, the closer you need to pay attention.

I hope that helps you. (:
thanks for the very detailed reply. it’s browning mostly on the inside. not just one side. when you say water through - how much of water dripping out is that? few drops?