Posted 1M ago by @ZanyPigeonplum

Is this creeping inch? I can mostly see purple-ish colour...

6โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Yep!! I have one that is also mostly green with tinges of dark purple.
@JesssJungle thank you!!!
It could be but honestly that looks more like Baby's Tears to me?? Also known as silver sparkle and a couple other names.
It comes through a little blurry on my phone though so not totally sure!!
Looks like Baby's Tears to me! I have a Creeping Inch plant and it looks more like a miniature tradescantia.
@ZanyPigeonplum i agree with @LittleSongbird the creeping inch plant tends to be variegated usually I believe and looks like tradescantia. Based on leaf shape/bundles and the color of the stems I'd definitely say baby tears