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Plant ID
Are there any succulent experts out there that can help me identify the names of these cuttings and random mystery boxes of succulents I received over the weekend? Pretty please and thank you!
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Okay I’m going to give it a go…
1. Pulidos echeveria but I think it’s a hybrid…
2. E. Lotus
3. Sedum firestorm
4. E. Rose
5. E avagodes
6. Maybe a Pearl
7. e. Chihuahuaensis
8. variegated Jade crassula ovata f. Veriegata
9. A Graptopetalum also but I’ll have to look into it
10. Graptopetalum superbum or molded agave
11. Sedum coppertone
12. Sedum donkey tail
13. E. Apus
14. Hens and chicks
15. Graptopetalum paraguyanse
16. Sedum jellybean
@Yeeha234 you’re an amazing human being!
If I need to post better pictures for anyone willing to help, I totally can. It’s driving my crazy not having an accurate ID for the succulents. 😅
@Jclo I’m not great at this but @vvvelo is. He’s really good at telling you what they are and so is @strawberrymoon, maybe @Gordo can help as well.
8 variegated Jade. 10 Graptosedum Vera Higgins. 11 golden sedum 12 sedum buro tail 16 sedum jelly beans . 15 sedum ghost plant . 3 sedeveria Letizia
@Jclo Thank you! I try!

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