Posted 1M ago by @jennifer75

It’s getting too big.

#Dieffenbachia How do you cut this down. I don’t want to kill it. It is getting too big and keeps toppling over.
6” pot
Last watered 9 months ago
Here it is.
I don’t want to misguide you but I would cut back by half. Put cinnamon where you cut. And maybe not be in direct light for a bit. I don’t know what others would suggest.
@jennifer75 Wow! It’s sooo tall! I LOVE it! I think I’d stake it so that it doesn’t fall over. Personal preference, of course!
I looked at your plant card and it said that your plant doesn’t have drainage? If that’s true, I’d repot it into a container with drainage holes and stake it at the same time.
@jennifer75 Or you could cut it and propagate it! 🤩 More plants! Here’s one article about propagating this plant:,Hormonex%C2%AE%20or%20Roottone%C2%AE.