Posted 1Y ago by @Weeping_Fairy

What’s this?
I’m in the works of repotting plants and while I was working on my Boston Fern I found these. They are hard to the touch and have little fuzzy hairs on them. Is this a normal thing for this species of fern or is it a bad sign? Please and thank you!
Those are root nodules - they’re perfectly normal. I believe they help the plant w moisture.
@Megan beat me to it. They're not harmful. they hold water for the fern.
@Megan thank you!
@Megan omg yes. I remember freaking out when I saw these for the first time. Megan told me to chill and that there were normal (even good) for the plant! Megan is the OG plant witch!
@Lara dream goals. I’ve recently acquired most of my plants since the start of the pandemic. So it’s been fun learning about my plants. 

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