Posted 2w ago by @DestinedOxlip

New mom here! What am I doing wrong?
5” pot
Last watered 2 weeks ago
This is most likely overwatering, how often do you water your plant? You should let 50-75% of the soil dry before watering, and try your best to get the plant into a pot with a drainage hole. If you do repot the plant into a pot with a drainage hole, also check the root system. If any roots are brown, mushy, or stinky, cut them out off. Best of luck!
@EvLikesPlants will try this and I put her in the shower I think based on your comment I left it too long
@DestinedOxlip Although once you get the plant drainage, it doesn’t matter how much you water it, just how often.
How often am I supposed to water ?

Water your corn plant regularly in spring, summer and early fall. In late fall, allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings. In the winter, allow the water to warm up to ​room temperature​ before you use it. Browning, dead-looking leaves mean either you're ​overwatering or underwatering​.

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