Posted 1M ago by @FirstBlackalder

Hey, any ideas what happens with this? I am new in plants...

Last watered 1 month ago
My guess would be inconsistent watering. But cannot see you plant info to see how your care for this plant.
Could be a number of things- too much water, or too little. How often do it check its soil with your finger tips? If you have constantly checked and it’s usually moist or damp when you water I would wait for it to dry out a lot more to ensure root rot, or water logging hasn’t occurred. On the flip side if you’ve noticed consistent dry soil then just perhaps giving it more water to drink and on a set schedule would help it. I would also inspect the plant for any signs of insects. Based on most Dracaena you will most likely be ok as they are pretty resilient plants. You might want to research pruning those discolored leaves or not once you narrow down what’s wrong with it! Best luck !!