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Any tips? Tricks? Caring bits you could give?? New to this & am in love. After almost losing it to overwatering i dried it out & replaced soil & placeD in bright indirect sunlight. Doing loads better but still nervous.
You're doing fine! Overwatering is in my opinion the main fault with Elephant Bush. If soil is replaced and dried out a bit and kept in a bright spot it should thrive with time. I give mine some full on sun a couple of hours a day and it seems to like it.
Thank you! I adore this and really want it to thrive. So far after taking it out and cutting off dead roots and opening up to dry out for 2 days before placing into fresh lightly mosit loose soil with perlite and rocks and has improved tremendously. I have to acclimate it to full sun. I want it indoors but currently have issues finding a good spot for it due to lack of windows in right areas or the windows I do have being taken up by other things or just not enough air flow in the rooms. So far I take it outside in the morning and give it as much sunlight possible without actual sunlight and bring inside when it darkens out bc it gets really cool really quick when the sun goes down right now and the weather is so bipolar. Trying to keeps its temp at a happy steady medium so the crazy extreme temp changes don't harm it.
I’ve had mine for 6 months and it hasn’t grown at all. I’d swear it was a fake plant if the others I bought with it hadn’t grown!
Oh wow that's crazy. Do you have a pic? I'm trying to propagate a stem and so far it had redder stem out of all of them so I hope it does well bc it looks good. Could just be the type we got or something. I hope they grow bc I really like them.

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