Posted 2Y ago by @Tloves2plant

Does anyone know the name of this one? The system didn’t ...

9ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
2Y ago
It is an Indian shot :)
@Ali Thank you. I found it at Home Depot.
I think I agree- at first glance, I thought it was more like a philodendron, but after looking it up- I lean more towards Indian Shot. It sure is pretty!
@sarahsalith I was thinking that too. Maybe an Imperial Green Philodendron. Thank you.
@Tloves2plant My Imperial Green has pointier, longer leaves. But I LOVE that you know your philodendrons!! πŸ˜„
@sarahsalith I see the difference. Thanks for sharing your beautiful plant pic. Awe, thank you😊 I’m trying to learn more about all plants, especially philodendrons. There are so many beautiful varieties.
@sarahsalith @Ali I sent a picture to Costa Farms and they say it’s a Musa Truly Tiny Dwarf Banana Leaf Tree πŸ€”
@Tloves2plant Wow! Didn't think it was a banana! 🀣
@sarahsalith Banana wasn’t even a thought and at Home Depot!?!?