Posted 4w ago by @CalmCacTina

It has brown spots, advice?

I've gotten Tolkien a month ago. I've watered it when it's dried a few inches, from the bottom. It has drainage holes, it's placed on a west window, with more than 4h of direct sunlight.
One leaf is curling upward, few have brown / burn spot, and bottom leaf has turned yellow
Any advice?
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
It's burning from the sun. Try indirect light and not too much water when you water it. Maybe check the roots to see if it is too wet.
It needs as dark background and surface to set the pot on. The window and like a magnifying glass and the ledge is a mirror. It’s getting sunburn. This plant dies best outdoors. Get a dark tarp or pick a spot wher me you have mulch on the ground and set it there to stop the sunburn.
Mine is indoors and doing great now that I found a spot with really bright, indirect light. I think Tolkien can make a come back!