Posted 2Y ago by @XArianaX

My money tree's leafs are browning at the tips

This plant was doing well since the day I purchased it but one day (about a month ago.) I noticed the leafs browning. Any thoughts on what might be causing this? #moneyTree
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 years ago
did you have to start running the heat about a month ago?
@RJG yes i did, so I then thought there wasn't enough humidity in the air. So I placed the plant next to my humidifier and unfortunately that didn't do much
Honestly I think it looks like your baby needs a bigger pot! More room to grow. You may want to gently prune the unhealthy leaves and clean up any of them resting in the soil as the decomposing leaves could attract pests. Keep an eye on the trunks and make sure none go squishy. If they do, you may want to separate and remove the stalk. πŸ’œ
@XArianaX it may just need more water. this could be because it’s root bound. @thespoonkit may be right on that the pot is too small and thus the water dries out or runs through before the roots can drink.
@thespoonkit got it! Thanks!
@RJG ok so I'll be checking on the roots one of these days to see how their doing, thanks for the advice!
I recently repotted my money tree and i saw they put electrical tape at the base of the tree to keep the braids from unraveling…i would check your plant to see if it has the same
@amypereira13 yes I checked the day I bought this plant and removed it already!
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This happened to my money tree when I first bought it. I removed the brown leaves and it came back after a few months. Just keep removing brown leaves and water when needed.
Look and see if there are any ties around the roots at the bottom. If so remove. Also I find that aggressively pruning mine helps stimulate new growth. If I see a leaf turning brown I snap off the whole piece and within a week there are babies forming at the same spot.
I keep my money tree on my windowsill to keep it in cool air since moneytrees don’t do so good in heat.
Do you use rap water? Maybe it's the fluoride.
@TrueMelon i use filtered water for my money tree because tap water does seem to damage some of my plants
Sorry, I meant *tap. But ok. Good. I use filtered. Mine doesn't mind. They do like bright light and humidity too. I have mine near a window and on a pebble tray