Posted 3w ago by @keytaro

Spider mites ??
HELP! I've convinced myself all my plants have spider mites. Is that's what is going on here ?!
Are they moving at all?
It doesn't look like it to me maybe cut off the leaves that look infected I'm sure someone here will know better than me though
I think that this is pretty normal, I believe it’s mineral deposits coming out of the plant’s pores. Mine has this too. No mites. But someone said you can clean them off with a wash?
No worries here, this happens with pilea! @AlliesTerrarium is correct that they’re likely mineral deposits. You could make a light vinegar solutions mixed with water and wipe them off with a cotton ball. Or leave them alone, they won’t hurt your plant. As long as they’re not moving you’re fine! 😊
@raquelitaque Yea, I don’t mess with mine. I think I’m more likely to do harm than good. But that’s me.
Thank you all so much!
Glad to hear it's normal! It looked like it was everyones always so helpful here

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