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To prune or not to prune

I’ve had my jade about 6 months now…he is growing like crazy, and is already in a 5” pot from a 2”. It looks like some branching is starting to get bendy…is it ready for a lil pruning? Any advice? #HappyPlants #Jade
0ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
Can I see a picture?
Here he is
It's up to you! pruning will push the growth back to the stem and roots. But if you want to let it grown for a while, you can always prune later to give it a different shape!

If it weren't raining, I'd take a picture of two of my jades - a regular on that's about three feet tall and an elephant bush (like yours) that's about a foot tall ... but looks like a little tree!

Let me see if I can find pictures on Greg. (:
Here are the most recent pictures.
Is he over a year old? Not that you have to be THAT technical.. I wait until mine look a little heavy & trim. BUT… only during spring & summer months since they grow like crazy then. Ultimately, he’d likely be better for it going somewhat dormant later (sorry I didn’t see where you live)
@JunkMstrFlash @JunkMstrFlash I wouldn’t do a thing. Nice form!
@HotBonsaitrees Thanks for that! I have wondered if Sharon should be trimmed, but wouldn’t know where to start.