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Plant suggestions for this table?
I have more space for plants! 😁 anyone have recommendations for this spot? Bonus points for anything weird/uncommon. It’s a West-facing window that gets 3-6 hours of direct sun in the middle and 1-2 hours at the edges. The air is dry and temps hover between 70-80s in the summer. it never gets below 60
ooo nice setup :D what about green/red prayer plant?
How about a Pachyphytum oviferum(ei: moonstone succulents!!) they are drought/heat tolerant and pink! Pretty easily cared for too! πŸͺ·β™₯️
@arden I love those leaves that look like a painting. I’d love to put that one with my calatheas. I think having 3 would make it an official prayer plant table :) thanks for the tip
@Succulents4eva alright I’m on the hunt for one of those! So cute and it would work with the sun. Thank you 😊
Ficus for sure!
@jcPlantProper Done! Have one there now and it’s acclimating. Ty πŸ˜€

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